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ICUE causing my whole system to crash.

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Hi All and Corsair team,

so I've had corsair products for a few years now, seems ok. I was having issues with my version (which was old) ICUE, like it wasn't changing lighting profiles plus it was a bit full on for me to fully get my head around (maybe that UI could be simplified?).

Anyway decided to update my version of ICUE and the software removed itself, I probably laughed for about 5 mins straight.

Since installing the new version ICUE it is causing my PC to crash, I get errors like 'not enough memory' 'error corsair.service.displayadapter 0xc06d0007e' and whatever I'm watching on VLC either freezes or the sound stops, also my internet will freeze. 

I just do a restart and everything is ok for a short time but my system will eventually crash again with these same errors.

So is there a fix for this? 

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