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2 Commander Core XT

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I had to replace (Under warranty ) my new commander core XT that came with my new Case as Port 1 on the RGB side would not work.  I also bought a 2nd Commander core XT because i was having issues with the 2 RGB/Fan Hubs that came with the Crystal 680x Case, So I removed the Bad Commander Core XT and removed the 2 other HUBS I then Plugged the new commander core XT into the same USB slot on my MB, i then Tried Daisy chaining the 2nd Commander core XT to the First by way of that extra Cable. I then uninstalled Icue and reinstalled it, I cue only saw one Commander Core XT, I am only able to control 3 of 7 fans all fans are lit up and are spinning, So I thought maybe I Couldn't have 2 commander core XT daisy chained so I then Hooked the 2nd Commander core XT to the 2nd USB header on my MB and Went through uninstalling/reinstalling ICUE and i get the same results.

I should add the Commander core XT that's being detected is the One I bought extra the one Corsair sent me is not being detected.


I have a EVGA z690 Classified MB



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Well I didn't do anything but Start playing Doom Eternal To take my Frustration out with Corsair crap And while playing I notice the Fans that were just white are now a rainbow color and low and behold 2 hours later Icue detects the 2nd Commander Core XT.  so its now appears to be working

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