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Corsair Virtuoso Wireless isnt working, and also mic doesnt work in some games

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Hi !!

So originally when I played valorant or league the in game voice chat wouldnt pick up any sound from my mic, I checked to make sure it was enabled and that the game had access to it, to no avail. Which is weird since it works in other programs. 

I then decided to update my drivers for my headset, to which  caused a lot of issues and windows stopped detecting my headset, until I uninstalled corsair icue. However this creates issues for me since I cant access a lot of the features of my headset without it, and also I my mic was still not being detected in league or valorant I tried redownloading the newest version which did not help either, and I had to uninstall it.

Also if im playing minecraft and I plug in my headset, minecraft immediately crashes, which isnt a big issue, but its pretty neat


Thanks! :)

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