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A Suggestion for iCUE 4


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Since I left Razer to come over to iCUE I built my first ever PC and from then on everything is controlled via iCUE the only Razer thing that is left in my setup is my mouse. But the two things that has always really bugged me about iCUE compared with synapse is number one id love to be able to see a new wave effect added to the custom section of iCUE that acts like synapse EG: You won't see it go across and disappear for how ever long you programmed it to go for it will just be a continuous flow. 


For the Corsair Devs who don't understand this is what I Mean if you look on Unreal_Hero's video go to 3 minutes and see how the wave constantly flows across the keys selected but imagine that across the entire keyboard: Rainbow Madness Keyboard Lighting Design | Razer Synapse 3.


The number 2 addition that id love to see come to iCUE as I see in Random Frank P's video it was once a thing in the original iCUE software's the angle feature for waves it is a pain in the a** to work out if you don't know what number will represent the angle so in synapse you have the little pie wheel showing you the way your wave will be going picture: Wave Degree indicator


As can be seen in R.F.P's Video the old software had this design: Corsair Gaming K70 RGB Keyboard- Rainbow Tutorial - So if you go to 3 minutes and 15 seconds here you can see the way layer creation and you can clearly see it shows you the angle your wave will go across this is something that would make profile creation much easier for people who don't really understand the degrees rule like myself 🙂


I Hope this makes sense because it's something I've wanted to see since switching to corsair as iCUE Offers so much more for designing such more rounded off and better to use software I Started switching in 2020 when I had a mix of Razer & Corsair but in the end I realised just how much corsair offered over Razer 😁

Thanks in advance kind regards, Pete.


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13 hours ago, Corsair Crimson said:

Hey Pete! Thank you for all your detailed suggestions! We are always open to feedback and I will try to bring this up to the team. Cheers!

Hi Crimson, Thanks very very much matey!! I Would love to see this feature I Think it would be amazing to see it come to corsair's iCUE 4 Software because it just makes life so much easier especially with the wave pattern because the degrees is one thing but when it comes to trying to work out how to make the perfect never ending wave as seen with synapse you can basically only achieve this with multiple gradients and change the colour of each end of the gradient each time to make it look like a moving wave which is time consuming and a real pain it will be amazing to see it happen 😁


The reason I Went with Corsair is well there's too many to list but here is one or 2!

  1. iCUE! It has endless possibilities just wish there was a way of getting all the effects you get with certain devices to work with everything fan effects for keyboards etc but that's no biggie the iCUE software is literally the best for the possibilities! Reason
  2. You don't have to worry about asking for help because people are here to help you ask on the other places forums and never get an answer!
  3. The Staff are amazing friendly and always willing to help!
  4. Corsair just make the very best PRODUCTS IN THE RGB KINGDOM 😁😁
  5. has to be the fact that corsair will replace your product and will help to fix any issues quickly and promptly other companies will just say well sorry it's broken buy a new one from us! 

It only really took me getting the LT100 towers and when I Started building my first ever PC the Ram etc and boom I was addicted to Corsair from that point on! 

Thanks once again matey and very kind regards, Pete! 

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