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Harpoon wireless right click not working properly

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I've had the harpoon wireless for a few years now and lately the right click has been having issues. the main issue is when playing first person shooters I hold right click to aim but as soon as I left click to fire the right click either disengages and won't aim again until I let go and press again or it rapidly goes from aim to hip fire as if I am rapidly tapping the button. I have heard cleaning the switch might help but if it isn't a hardware issue then it must be a software issue. I only use the mouse in wired mode on my desktop and I have not tested it with the wireless mode. 

I did purchase a wired version of the harpoon to replace my current wireless version but I will be returning it because the left click either doesn't work when pressed or it double clicks on a single press. I had this issue with my current wireless mouse but I haven't the double click issue in over a year.

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