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I am requesting a feature to add to iCue that I know lots of people want. All it is is something like a slider at the bottom left of the home page that, if enabled, overrides the hardware/default RGB setting for all Corsair RGB products and it to black. This way, when ever the computer account is signed out or the computer is turned off/in sleep mode, all RGB weather it has hardware lighting settings or not, can easily be turned off. I, and many others, want this feature mainly because things like the mm700 mouse pad can only be turned off by unplugged it (which won’t work for most peaple because it is used to connect the keyboard and mouse) and can be very hard/inconvenient to do or setting the RGB brightness on it to 0, which is (again) very inconvenient. In conclusion, this would solve MANY peoples problems with the RGB not turning off and would be highly appreciated. Thank you.


P.S: This could also work by setting the brightness for everything to 0 instead of over writing the hardware lighting.

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