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iCUE will not download properly and has not been fixed in 2+ years as I look through other posts on the same topic


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I am having the same problem that it seems probably anyone who didn't already have icue installed is having. I had the old version of iCUE installed on my older system since about 2017, never had a single problem with the old software. I was very excited to see that the new iCUE 4.0 was out with all new features to upgrade the old software so I downloaded that and had instantly regret as the new software not only did not work, but actually ended up corrupting my windows processor on my old system. I went onto this forum and saw posts from Corsair team members that said "something is probably wrong with your system if the download is not working" so I went through the list of how to fix your PC to make iCUE work. Long story short, withing 30 minutes my entire windows drive crashed, gave me the blue screen of death and my system has not been working since. I was already in the process of building a new PC and since the "problem" with not being able to download the new software was all because of my old pc (was said by a corsair worker on these forums). This brand new PC that I built a week ago with all brand new components, should never have a problem with the new software. So I ended up buying the Vengeance RGB Pro, Corsair H100, 5 Corsair RGB Fans, the Corsair Light strip bundle, the K55 keyboard and the Corsair Harpoon mouse just to have them all randomly running with no software to control them. Now I am not able to download the software onto my 1 week old system with all brand new corsair products AND on top of that my old system is still corrupted because I was told I need to clean my pc to get the software to work when that was just a lie to cover up your faulty software. Thanks a lot! And this is still a problem that hasn't been fixed yet there are so many people that have the problem we are all loyal customers that have spend hundreds and thousands to use your products with no help from the team we give our money to..... 

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