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Katar Pro Xt gaming mouse latency increase due to basic lift height setting and calibration in ICUE app

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Hello everybody

In December, before the new year, I bought a corsair katar pro xt gaming mouse
and since then I have been trying to figure out why my input lag has grown in the game
after trying all possible detection options, I switched to this product
and to my regret, I realized that because of the software, the cursor slows down even on the desktop
I found out that it is precisely because of the lift-off height calibrator and its base value that the movement is delayed

I have several corsair zowie logitech gaming mats in stock
with full confidence I will say that this error does not depend on the playing surface and it shows up all the time
calibration also does not solve this problem

earlier, prior to the discovery of this sensor bug, on my advice, my friend purchased the same model of gaming mouse and I found that his device has a similar sensor tracking delay due to the lifting distance

I will try to describe in detail the whole process of identifying this error

for testing, it is better to use the standard dpi value of 800

if on any surface you slightly raise the device at the level until the sensor response fails, then the sensor response speed becomes limiting almost in real time, 
as it should be with a polling rate of 1000 hz 
when the device comes into contact with the surface sensor delay increases immediately
very difficult to recognize the delay the first time you have to try feel this sensor error

latency is better defined with the same short smooth moderate oscillating mouse movement from left to right
while you need to periodically change the height level to the maximum allowable and to the minimum on the tracking surface

with successful testing on the windows desktop, it can be revealed that the cursor seems to be late from the movement of the hand, and the movement of the cursor itself without an exact sharp response

even worse in games.
in esports disciplines CSGO and Valorant a similar delay occurs when the device moves, regardless of the use of a direct connection (raw_input 1)
but the worst thing is that the delay increases with sudden movements
for example, if you try to control the "spray" of shooting, then after the end of the shooting, the delay briefly increases even more and does not disappear until the end

as well as on the desktop, the delay in the game becomes normal if you slightly raise the device to the level of sensor tracking failure

I encountered a similar error earlier on a razer deathadder v2 mini gaming mouse
the sensor error also manifested itself when calibrating the height of the separation of the sensor and when choosing playing surfaces from this brand
but at the base settings, the lift height worked stably, although it was a very high value, and the sensor tracking was regularly accurate

the strangest thing is that my old logitech g305 gaming mouse also started to work incorrectly and similar problems appeared during the game
having decided to completely remove the ICUE applications, this solved all the problems and the old g305 device worked as before in full working order

I also noticed that if at least one monitoring sensor was enabled in the ICUE application in active mode, then in the game it was very strongly reflected with an even greater increase in delay
build 2021 previously this problem was not observed in various game genres ( intel core i5 10400f, msi gtx 1070 ti, msi z-490 a pro, xpg d50 16gb, corsair tx 650m, xpg invader )

in conclusion, I’ll say that it would be nice if, in addition to calibration, there was also the possibility of individual adjustment of tracking the level of separation height of the pixart 3391 sensor
since the calibration does not work correctly now, but in the future if all this is fixed for a more stable operation of the device, the calibration may not be suitable for everyone
and customization or a simplified esports mode will be more valuable at a professional level

device number
P/N: CH-930C111

Thank you for your attention

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