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Audio Lighting Enhancement?


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Been using iCue for a while now and, despite some of the bugs and crashes, I'm generally very happy with it. However, the number of components that support audio lighting (not CAV) seems limited to basically fans and light strips. Why not the DIMMs (at least the Vengeance Pro RGBs, not sure about Dominator) and keyboard? For aesthetic builds that have a lot of lighting, RAM is literally the focal point as it is right in the middle of the build, appears (IMO) brighter than most other components and is screaming out for this functionality when audio lighting is in use. Third-party software like RGBeat is able to make them dance pretty well, so it would stand to reason that, after years of development and at least 3-4 Kernel changes, Corsair could add that as well. That being said:

1. From a development perspective, are there challenges with adding the audio lighting to these components?

2. Why does the K100 (and others) only get to use CAV and not audio lighting?

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