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Corsair One (8700K/1080ti) GPU Pump died

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Hello all,

As the title stated, Last night I was playing a game and the GPU fans spiked up, then the PC crashed to a black screen. The fans were still going 100%. I had to hard shut down the PC. I waited a few mins to turn it back on, It wouldnt even recognize one of my monitors and the one it did recognize had artifact all over the picture.

I noted a water gurgling sound that was constant, so I removed the top. I dont hear the usual noise on left side where the GPU is. I think the water cooling pump is dead.

Having said all of that, The radiator does not have dust in it. Is there anywhere to get replacement radiator parts for this? I am out of warranty on my unit. Thanks for any help.

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I just called Corsair's support line for One and Vengeance owners and they told me they do not provide or sell replacement parts. The Vengeance would be easy to fix, but the One system is pretty custom, so I am completely at their mercy.

Let me just say, I do not like this, Corsair. You should at least make replacement parts available to people who purchase your systems. I wasn't expecting a free part. I don,t even have the option to pay for replacement parts. Lesson learned.

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Hi. Yes, Corsair needs to change their policy and avail for sale replacement parts for their costly systems. I had a similar predicament with my A100, I took this route. 


Corsair eventually sent me replacement AIOs as my two systems were still under warranty. 

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