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Corsair Ironclaw RGB unable to save on hardware profile

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I have been reading many suggestions and past fixes for the issue, however I have not been able to solve the issue of my Ironclaw mouse being unable to have its lighting profile on the mouse itself.

Im trying to have static color and it works fine when iCUE loads and takes over but I cannot get the static color or any other lighting to save on the hardware profile.

I tried many things but I assume Im supposed to use the "Device Settings" menu and click on 1 of the 3 empty circles with a + inside?
(text says Add Current Profile slot #1-3)

When I do I get prompted to click SAVE and then nothing happens...

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I am a simple man: I just want the f*****g RGB-lights on the mouse (Corsair Ironclaw – with a wire) to be red all the time. NO EXCEPTIONS. So, I thought that I could use the "save to hardware" alternative to make everything red and then just uninstall the annoying software and be done with it. But I have now spent hours trying to figure out what exact order I have to do all the things in “iCUE” in order to just have a static colour on all the lights without being bothered by any software installment. But still I get a freaking disco show every single time I start and shut down my computer….. I have to go in to iCUE and choose my settings every single time to get rid of the annoying and psychedelic disco.

Can anyone be an angel and describe every single step I have to do to create a “hardware lightning”? I have created my “lightning profile” several times both under “hardware lightning” and “lightning effects” and then saved the settings before trying to adding a profile under device settings but nothing happens – nothing actually gets saved. The slot is empty when I restart iCUE.

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