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iCUE Software doesn't show headset battery level status when charging but only battery status (charging or not).

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Agree, showing a percentage of battery level seems to be a very simple thing and it appears users have been complaining about it for years to no avail.  Some posts say you get see High or Low battery level but mine just shows "Charging" with no idea if it is barely alive or mostly charged.  How much longer do I need to keep it wired before it is charged?  This is becoming aggravating because I leave it wired for hours, take it off, and then get beeps like it is running out of charge.  WTF?  Now the trend graph hit a step-function down in the middle of the charging process... is the battery dying??  I have a VOID ELITE WIRELESS headset, Firmware v0.08,

Void Elite Wireless Charging or Not.png

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