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iCUE v4 (and previously v3) consistently does not save changes

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Changes to settings/profiles/macros are consistently unsaved.

There's no save button so I can't just hit save and go on with my day after making changes, which would be a totally acceptable workaround.

(Having to constantly export the profile, reimport it, and then delete the old profile, however, is not an acceptable workaround and it's a miserable option to have to be using)

Right click tray icon > Exit?  -  Sometimes saves and sometimes doesn't.

App just sitting open for days and the computer reboots for updates or something? 9/10 times if the app had been open for a while already and I made a bunch of changes after it'd already been open, all the changes will be lost.



Not sure what the issue is, but this has persisted as a problem across multiple computers and versions of iCUE, so I really don't think it's anything to do with my specific installation, or computer.

I really wish they just had a save button.


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