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vegan chad

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I was hoping to leave some feedback for the devs about ICUE and this seems like the best place. 

I'm new to this software, coming over as a long time Razer user and the physical product I have is the Nightsword RGB mouse. 


1) Profiles raising from the dead

I only want one profile, I never want to change profiles and I never want my DPI to change. 

The software automatically creates 3 profiles "NIGHTSWORD RGB HW 1" (2 and 3). 

I tried to delete 2 and 3 so it would only be able to use 1, but they seem to keep returning. 

What I'm going to do now is create them to all be the same, so even if switching occurs, It will just be the same. 

I didn't have my profile buttons rebound before, so once I bind them I don't think this will matter to me anymore. 


2) Button binding issues

Like I mentioned, I never want to change my DPI or profiles.

That means I have to rebind 5 different buttons - Profile Up, Profile Down, DPI Up, DPI Down, and Sniper. A bit tedious. 

The process for this has several issues and is significantly less intuitive then Razer. 

A) When looking at the "Key Assignments" menu you see a list of your buttons and what they are bound to. If they are bound to a keyboard reassignment it shows a keyboard icon there.

     Why not just show the actual button/mapping

B) You'll also see an "Assignments" widget which shows the binding. It looks something like this: "[keyboard icon] keyboard 1       DPI Up" etc. which shows that "keyboard 1" is mapped to the DPI button. Note that "keyboard 1" is something you can manually change, that is just the default option for a keyboard assignment. 

      In Key Assignments (where in A I said but the button/mapping) you could also put the name of the assignment. 

      I think it should auto generate based off what button you actually select, at least for simple cases (I'm also guessing most users are just doing simple things like me). I don't want to rename every one. 

C) The assignments library I can't figure out. It says you can save assignments by clicking and dragging them from assignments to library. 

      For me, clicking an assignment and dragging it to "Assignments library" menu in "Assignments" does nothing. 

      If I first click "Assignments Library" to bring up the "Assignments Library" widget, then click to drag a assignment into that widget, it just opens the widget for key binding. 

D) I haven't played around with all the features besides the ones I need and I'm not sure if the same view is used for the keyboard, but I think there are some improvements that could be made with a minor redesign. There is a lot of empty space (like where the mouse is shown) that can be utilized. 

    I'd recommend getting rid of the "Assignments" widget and just embedding each individual assignment into each button widget, which you would also make a bit bigger (taking up more of the empty space which should be fine). At a glance you could see what keybinds you have, without extra clicks. Then if you click into any given one, open up the key binding widget as before. If you click on an empty button (i.e. default keybind) it creates a new one

E) I also can't seem to share keybinds. For example, I just want to disable profile up and down, but I have to make 2 disable assignments for this. 


3) Profile cloud saving

At one point I had created a view profiles and the software deleted all of them. Not sure what happened. 

Additionally, there is an icon in the menu that lets you switch profiles and it has a little flash chip icon with a tooltip "Saved on NIGHTSWORD RBG". When I edit a profile the tooltip says "Changes are not saved on NIGHTSWORD RBG". 

  I can not find what option triggers the save. I'd say either add a save option to save all of them or have clicking the icon trigger the save. Or if the software is supposed to seamlessly save automatically, then don't show me either icon since it is just extra information, without real purpose. 

  Additionally, and I only noticed because I looked very closely while writing this, that the icons for not saving and saving are actually different. The not saved one has a tiny little negative space square that the save one doesn't. That is not good icon design - they should be different.


And for my experience compared with Razer Synapse, I never had any problem with the razer software, it pretty much worked out of the box, without all the extra profiles that I didn't need or want, after doing my initial binding I really never had to think about it again. The reason why I switched is because in my experience after about 1.5-2.5 years the mouse's left click would get messed up (double clicking randomly) and they are too expansive to break that soon. I won't be switching back. 

With the ICUE software its been frustrating to deal with some of these issues, though I would describe them as mostly paper cuts. One thing I think could have really improved my experience could have been a wizard that you're prompted with when collecting a new device, and it could let someone answer a few questions and then pick out a default profile for that person. Example questions could be: I want different setups for different games/uses. I want my DPI to be changeable with a mouse button. I primarily play X genre, etc. And go from there. 

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I've been using the Icue software for a long time now, i really like it but there are still some things to fix:


- I'm using two sticks of the corsair  LT100, they are great but it says that I have to update them and that verry often. Idk maybe there are so many updates but i don't think so..

- I sometimes wish i could copy my custom equilizer and paste it into other profiles, because it's anoying to redo them in every single profile.  In general i wish for some more equilizer presets.

- The batery percentage of my Virtuoso se is only indicaded in 3 stages so i never know the exact batery level.

- When turn on my pc and connect my Virtuoso, the mic LED is never on, only when i press the mute button then it stays on.


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