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I am having H150i RGB PRO XT update problem.

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I bought and am using the H150i RGB PRO XT CPU cooler a long time ago. It has had an update since the day I got it and I've never had any success. I ignored it and kept it waiting for 1 year, but now I want to solve the problem. I have tried countless times in the intervening time, but the result has always been negative.

iCUE Version: 4.21.173
H150i Version: 1.01.31
Update version seen for H150i: 1.1.32



When I start the update I get the following error and the connection to the H150i is lost and the lights are off. I have to end iCUE and turn it back on. Sometimes the lights don't turn off but I still can't control it.

Error Message:


What I've done:

  1. I tried it on Windows 10 and Windows 11, I formatted a few times and the first program I installed was iCUE, but there was no update.
  2. I'm not using Asus Aura, MSI Mystic or Gigabyte RGB Fusion. I used to use Asus Aura before.
  3. I tried the USB cable in different connections. I even tried it on Corsair Commander Pro.
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Is there anyone to help?

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