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Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless Headset connectivity issues

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The problem:

My headset is staying connected in wireless mode to the dongle but every so often it seems as though it loses connection from anywhere between .25s to a full second. I originally had my Wireless Harpoon connected to the same dongle when I saw I was able to but I've since removed it in attempt to fix the problem. Usually restarting allows it to keep working without cutting out for 5-10 minutes. The longer the headset is on in wireless mode, the more frequently it cuts out. It was working perfectly from when I got it in early January until mid-February. I left for holiday for a week and when I came back this problem started. This problem persists even while charging but does not persist in wired mode which makes me think it could possibly be an issue with the dongle itself?

Solutions I've tried:

  • Unpaired and re-paired the headset to the dongle
  • Soft reset the headset by holding the mute button until it restarted
  • Changed the USB port for the dongle

Firmware versions

  • iCUE: v.4.20.169
  • VIRTUOSO: v.5.3.70
  • VIRTUOSO DONGLE: v.5.7.115
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I have a similar issue, pretty much every gaming session I have (generally 1-3 hours long) this headset cuts out.   Will happen a couple of times per session at random times.  I need to flip the switch on the headset from wireless to USB and back and it kicks back in.  Very annoying consdiering the cost of the headset and being Corsairs flagship headset.

I have the dongle plugged into the ST1000 RGB.

Firmware Versions:

  • iCUE: v.4.15.153 (will update now)
  • Virtuoso: v.5.3.70
  • Virtuoso Dongle: v5.7.115
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