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Skylär Astaröt

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I would like my next Corsair or El Gato product to be a professional video mixer and editing console for live broadcasts, highly requested by web products, as an alternative to Nagasoft Caster-X1 or Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Pro with touch display and professional software biuilt-in. Make this design for your reference.

I would be looking forward to this equipment in my studio.


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Hello everyone,

There is a growing trend in the development of new products and services for web professionals (content creators) with the best value for money, for example. Nagasoft Xcaster X2, Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini, YoloLiv YoloBox Pro and the new Cooler Master StreamEnjin.

I thought of you, CORSAIR or ELGATO as a brand that prioritizes quality over adjusted prices, and I took the time to make a design and presentation of possible characteristics of what would probably be the best tool for pro creators, an AV Mixer all-in-one.

I would like to know what the community thinks, if it is too much or it lacks more things, other functions, change something or whatever to motivate a product of the highest quality available to us, the Web Professionals.

My cordial greetings.

ElGato MediaStream Studio.png

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