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Harpoon RGB Wireless - Works in BIOS, Shows in iCUE, but doesn't work after reboot


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I have a Harpoon RGB wireless mouse that doesn't work when I reboot Windows.  I have to unplug and re-plug it before it works (via the USB receiver or the USB cable).  However, it works fine on another computer and even works in the BIOS of this computer.  Also, while it isn't working, I can launch iCUE and it is shown there -- I can even change the colours of it while it doesn't work to move the cursor. 

I contacted Corsair support and they said it's Dell's problem because the mouse works fine on another computer.  I contacted Dell and they said it's Corsair's problem because another mouse works fine on this system.  Corsair is willing to replace the mouse, but the rep said it probably would not help (and I don't want to deal with shipping the mouse internationally for a replacement). 

In troubleshooting with Corsair, we did lots of things like manually re-installing the firmware, removing all drivers and re-installing, and disabling "USB selective suspend" from power settings.  Dell didn't do any troubleshooting other than trying a new mouse in its place and running the hardware tests in the BIOS.

Does anyone have any other things I can try? At this point I'm willing to unplug and re-plug the mouse every time I reboot, but it's a bit of a pain.

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I just did a dell factory reset.  So now I'm back on Windows 10 (Version 10.0.19043 Build 19043).  The problem still exists.  So it looks like its the mouse (unlikely as the mouse works properly on another computer), the computer (unlikely as other mice work fine), or some conflict between the Dell G15 laptop and this mouse. :(

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I have the exact same problem here. I would like to see some firmware update that fixes the problem. A workaround is to use bluetooth connection but it's slower and I can't sync the rgb lights with the keyboard.


it's very frustrating

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