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What ever happen to Corsairs simple RMA process. years ago u could call support do a little toubleshooting and the guy on the phone could approve your RMA on the spot apparently not anymore they have taken away all the phone agents power.


on sat i open ticket 2005087891 about some ram issues. on tueday i call in ask what we can do if we can setup on rma or what they want to do. he ask me to do more test first takes me like 3 or so hours to run all the test he wanted. i post the info back and call back speak to a dif agent. new agent goes over some stuff with me can't offer any suggestions to fix the issue but we looked over the QVL list for my board and my ram wasn't on it. it works fine for 8 months but now causes crashing.


so he says there is nothing he can do all he can do is sumbit the info to someone else who has to approve it he says he will leave a note on the and request the RMA the ram for the model that is on the QVL list. he also asked me to take pics of the ram and to put my address info down to speed up the process.


i do all that fill in my address upload pictures. i also note the request to exchange to a dif model that is on the QVL list.


24+ hours go by finally get a reply back stating RMA approved. but not 1 word about exchanging the ram to the model on the QVL. so i call in speak to another agent he confirms RMA approve but only to exchange for the extract same ram.

so the agent approving not only ignored the request from the other agent asking to exchange for a model on the qvl list he ignored my request as well. the agent on the phone say not much he can do they don't let him make changes to the RMA all he can do is email the agent who approved and ask him again to make the model change so again that's probably going to be 24+ hours.


why are your phone c/s agents not aloud to deal with RMA them self like they use to be able to never had to deal with this before having to wait for someone else to reply i could always just call in and some one helped out on the spot.

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