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Two fans had to arrive and only one arrived

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Hi, first sorry for the category, but "RMA" or "Warranty" are non-clickables.

I spent a "long" time getting some new LL120 White Editions sent to me under warranty, since mine were failing. There were two fans, and only one came.

I dont know if the guy of Corsair Custom Service was wrong and he sent to me just one, or he sent to me two and UPS or "aduana" stole the other fan..

Anyone can help me with this? I feel a bit ripped off 😕

And I opened the first ticket or first mail in.... December.... so, please, if someone can help me, i will appreciate.


Postscript: I recorded a video opening the package 🙂 always I grab a video when I receive a shipment

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Also, sorry for my English, is basic and im sure that im wrong in some words, sorry.

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