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I have about a month with the device, it was working fine. Until a few days ago I updated the USB Wireless Receiver to v.5.5112 by iCUE Software, the keyboard cannot be updated, it gives me an error when updating to v.5.0.188.

It seems that because of that or because I stopped pairing the keyboard with the USB Receiver, it only works with the cable connected and via bluetooth (the bad thing is that the bluetooth connection does not work with the macros)

I need your support to solve the problem urgently because of the work I have.

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Did you ever get any resolution on this matter? 

Same keyboard and same issue.  I updated dongle firmware, 5.5.112.  Keyboard is refusing to update, firmware update fails constantly 5.0.188. 


I cannot pair the keyboard back to dongle and the only way the keyboard works is via USB.

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