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New Product Suggestion - K65 RGB PRO MINI


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As the title states I would love to see a K65 RGB PRO MINI be released...  

Build Specs:

 - Aluminum frame and top plate

 - OPX switches with options (Silent, Clicky, etc.)

 -  Detachable USB-C cable actually centered or obviously off to the side 

 - Sound dampening inside to reduce hollowness


I think this would be a great competitor to others on the market.  I have a K100 that I will likely be selling as soon as the K70 RGB PRO comes in stock with silent switches.  I need a 10-key for work as I am always using the number pad, but would like to have something smaller for when I am not at work.  Since the K100 does not have a detachable USB it is a total pain to try and unplug it and pull the wire through the desk's cable management channels.  Having two boards with detachable USB cables would make it super easy to switch!  I know the current K65 has a detachable USB, but my OCD only sees the failed attempt at a centered port when it is in fact 5mm off to one side...  One of those things that you just can not un-see...


K65 RGB PRO MINI...  Come on Corsair!  Make my desktop dream come true!

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