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Corsair Hydro X XD5 Pump ratteling Noise

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I´ve encountered a Problem with the XD5 Pump, wich as said in the title, is a mostly constant ratteling noise while the Pump is active.

A few thing to note are: the Pump as well as the entire loop are as new as they could get and the Pump is sitting fine enough for not to cause the noise. And sometimes the noise stops for a second and you can hear the supposed sound of the Pump. It is also worth noting, that the Pump is clean and there should be no splinters of the Hardtubing or else in there. The Loop has also been cleared of all air and the Tubing sits tight and sealed.

The noise itself sounds, as if the propeller blades of the Pump are not sitting tight in their implacement. It also has nothing to do with the Pumps speed since the Pump is running at a constant speed.

I would appreciate any help with this subject, since i suspect the possibility of the Pump beeing damaged in some sort.


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