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Really need new earmuffs/cups


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Hello! I've been using Corsair RGB Wireless Gunmetal SE since 2019-10-28 and to my disappointment the earmuffs have deteriorated completely. Sure I've used them a lot but still I don't find this acceptable as I've had other cheaper headphones in the past that lasted longer. This was my first taste of premium headphones and I'm not impressed.

One of them had the "leather" skin open up and expose the soft internals. Which have been a problem for some time (at least 6 months) but now it's really bad.
But just last week the other earmuff just fel off completely. Now I have to put the headset on and just use the clamp force to hold it in place. 

Since the earmuffs are removable, I assume there is replacement parts available somewhere but I've not been able to find any. 



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