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Bluetooth Ironclaw Mouse unable to connect as message states incorrect code


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Please can anyone help - I have a Corsair Ironclaw Wireless Mouse that works fine on wireless mode. I have tried to connect it to a TP Link Bluetooth Adapter on my Windows 7 PC and when I do it finds the mouse ok and begins to connect by Bluetooth (after holding down the profile switch button and sliding from off to bluetooth on the mouse). Unfortunately, I then receive the message that the connection has failed due to incorrect code. I have contacted TP Link who say I have to use the Corsair dongle but surely that cant be right - the whole point was to be able to use the wifi dongle on my main PC and then Bluetooth on a different PC. I have tried the web for help but I cant find anything. I am not very technical but I am able to use bluetooth to connect my phone ok so I know how to connect usually. Please can you help me? Thanks.

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