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Corsair 200R doesn't fit Ironwolf Pro 12TB drives

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Hi there, this is a weird one, but maybe someone can help.

I have a Corsair 200R case that I've used for some time and kept reusing it through several builds.

I recently decided to upgrade my NAS and decided to reuse this case for that purpose, as I really like the case.

The plastic drive bay at the bottom of the case for the 3.5" drives doesn't work for the Ironwolf Pro 12TB drives that I have.

They seem to be too thick -- when I try to put them in the drive bay, they are super tight, and I can't get them in more than an inch or two without worrying about breaking the drive bay or the drives.

Is this a known issue? Are there replacement drive bays or other solutions?

I've literally never seen this before, ever, and I've been building systems for a long time.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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