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Commander Pro Firmware Update issue

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Hi guy,

Bought a Commander Pro from Amazon (Australia) and 6 LL120 fans.  Since installed, the CoPro would constantly (every hour or two?) prompt for a firmware update.

It was version 0.9.212 out of the box, but that's what iCue kept prompting it to update to.  When it would update, iCue would then show "Commander Pro (1)", and then the next time it was (2) and so on. 

I finally got sick of it and ordered a new Commander Pro from Amazon, so that I could return the original one, thinking it was clearly defective.

I've installed the new CoPro tonight, and done a complete clean re-install of iCue (https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us/articles/360025166712-Perform-a-clean-reinstallation-of-the-Corsair-Utility-Engine-iCUE-?_ga=2.163423295.2084428173.1641797675-319345642.1638875384), and after about an hour or so, it prompted for an update again.  Same thing - it was already firmware version 0.9.212, and that's what it prompted me to update to.

This is the second CoPro that's done the same thing.  What could be the issue here? 

Hardware is:

  • MSI B550 Tomahawk Motherboard
  • Ryzen 5 5600g CPU
  • GeForce GTX1650 Super
  • 32gb Corsair Vengance DDR4 RAM
  • H100i RGB Pro AIO (not connected via USB, due to a separate issue)
  • Commander Pro connected to NZXT powered hub
  • 6 LL120 fans connected to the CoPro
  • 1TB NVME hard drive


This is all a new build - parts received in November.  It did (still does) have an issue with the H100i AIO, which is why it isn't plugged in to USB (when plugged in, the USB's keep disconnecting, even on the NZXT Hub).  I'll be RMA'ing that one, and probably just replace with an air cooler.

Could it be the motherboard? Please help.


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For anyone interested in the outcome of this, i "Think" it must have been a faulty batch of CoPros.

I had 2 from the same supplier that both had the same issue.  They had the issue whether they were plugged into the MoBo or into a powered NZXT USB hub.  I reformatted the PC to ensure there was no ghost software or anything affecting the second one, but no go.

I have now returned both CoPros for a refund, and am using the Lightning Node Pro (and the PWM connected directly to the MoBo).  All working as it should now.
Shame i can't use the CoPro to set fan curves on the fly, but c'est la vie.

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