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Scimitar Pro RGB loses all iCUE settings after monitor sleep/wake

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I'm really sorry if this problem exists already I've tried searching for it several different ways. Either google is failing me or I'm using the wrong terms.

My mouse just keeps sort of de-syncing for lack of a better term from ICUE after my PC goes into a light "sleep". My computer is always on, the only thing that sleeps is the monitors for the most part. When I come back to my computer, none of the button assignments work anymore and my mouse colours have reverted to what I assume are the default colors.

I have 1 profile only in iCUE. I have removed all the hardware profiles from the mouse and used the clear onboard storage setting. If I do try and bind hardware actions or hardware lighting to the mouse it does not matter. It will still desync in the exact same way.

My mouse works perfectly other than losing software/hardware settings. I have no idea why this keeps happening. I'm currently on windows 11, but this problem followed me from windows 10. iCUE version is 3.38.61

Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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