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Is it possible to delete EQ presets on the iCUE app?

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Yes please!

I hate the EQ's, I wish they would have them in the background and you can add them to a rotation if you want (Kind of like the lighting effects on the keyboards) or an option to disable them, or even easier solution, allow us to disable EQ switching, its so painful having to alt tab because a game sounds weird, just to find out its gone to voice boost or something....

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Found a fix by changing the settings of all equalizer presets to be same as "pure direct" so accidental switches have no effect on sound quality..

These are the two files in %AppData%\Corsair\CUE5\eq_presets that need to be edited:


The changes needed should be obvious - just copy over the 10 lines of "Pure Direct" with <value0>0</value0> to <value9>0</value9> to replace the corresponding lines for all other presets.


Duplicates for these settings are also present in these two files in %ProgramFiles%\Corsair\Corsair iCUE5 Software\predefined_data:


Changing the settings in only these two files has no impact on iCue but it might be prudent to do so to prevent it from restoring the original presets after an update or somethiong.

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