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Dominator RGB Pro DDR5 5200mhz c36 First edition not stable at correct settings


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Hi I have build a system Using Gigabyte z690 master a 12900k and a 32gb kit of DDR5 5200 c36 Dominator memory. I have a corsair hx1200i psu and a  MSI Suprim X RTX 3090 gpu. If i set XMP profile active the system will sometimes train but I get constant BSODs with windows and this was trying to install win 11. I tried manually inputting timings etc but still would not work correctly either not training or windows bsod. I dropped speed to 4800mhz and it boots and runs fine with no bsod and generally running good although memory is not running at speed it suppose to.

I have tried all available bios's for the motherboard. I have tried looser timings 40 40 40 77 but at 5200 still get bsod. If the voltages are increased i can get it to train but still bsod but not a quick can log in and use but it will happen. Voltages i had to use were 1.330 and 1.380 on the two power setting for the ddr5 and the system agent i have also tried upto 1.380. My system runs at 5000mhz just fine at correct timings but need to set speed manually and give the controller abit more power.

With running memtest program on boot usb i get errors on test 13 i get less error with more voltage but either way windows is still too unstable with this memory at 5200mhz, And not usable at its rated specification. 

Any help would be appreciated or do I try and send this back to Corsair.

Thank you for reading.

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