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No RGB Lighting on Keyboard when iCue is running


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So I am having an annoying issue that came out of no where.  My K70 RGB Keyboard (non-mk2) suddenly decided it not long wants to do whatever iCue tells it. When iCue is running it just stays off.  When iCue is off it turns red with a few keys white.  I tried resetting the keyboard.  Tried Re-installing the firmware.  Tried to re-install iCue. Uninstalled the motherboard RGB software (Gigabyte Fusion); Disabled Wallpaper Engine and its tie-ins.  I powered off my PC unplugged it hit the power switch to drain the capacitors.  I tried moving it to different USB ports.  Nothing same exact behavior.  I do not have any MSI RGB software installed which is the only topic I kept seeing pop up specific to this issue.  I am truely stumped at this point.  Any idea?  All the other RGB is working as expected with no issue just the keyboard having the issue. It was working a few weeks ago.

Windows 10; Ryzen 3800X; Aorus X570 Elite Master Wifi; 32gb Corsair Vengeance Memory with RGB; H115i Pro; Commander Pro; Lighting Node with 4 LED Strips MM800 Mouse Pad and a Razer Mamba Elite.

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So I plugged the keyboard into my laptop and installed iCue 4 and everything worked as expected so hardware-wise I think the keyboard is ok.  I can only imagine its some weird software conflict going on at this point.  I may just re-install my OS and try and move to Windows 11 soon and this may fix this issue along with other issues.

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