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Rebind K65 mini FN and Menu Key


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I just got my K65 mini, and it is my second 60% keyboard. My first one had the menu and function keys in a different location, and I wanted to move the mini's ones to match, but the software does not seem to let you move them. Am I missing something, or is there a reason we are unable to do this?

I could understand requiring a FN key, but I don't know why we cannot move it, since we can just assign it in hardware assignments as well. I also don't know why we can't just rebind the menu(/FN 2) key to anything else and not have one. That seems like the goto unnecessary key that could be set to some common macro or function.

In that same vein, why can't we assign other keys to be the modifiers, like control-shift-alt (or really any key for that matter)? I'm don't want iCUE to be as complex as QMK, but it seems like it is pretty artificially simplified in these cases.

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Menu key is ruining my life right now LOL

I just want to get rid of it, for gods sake



Keep fn2 there, but let us change the menu key, or deactivate that ****, its annoying, every function key I need to activate brings me menu tabs everywhere

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