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Need help for my first build Corsair and fans

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Hello people, I just finished my first pc build, I have a lot of corsair, so my case is a corsair 4000X included with 3 120mm RGB fans, I also have the AIO cooler h100i elite capellix with 2 120mm fans so I have the corsair hub to plug everything into it but I have a problem with the Icue software at the moment, in fact the problem and that all my fans work and turn on without problem, everything is well connected to the hub, by cons when I install the corsair Icue software and it is running 1 fan only stops completely, it turns on again but does not turn on, all the others work, as soon as I restart the pc the fan turns but as soon as the software opens the fan stops again so the problem will be linked to the software, moreover the fans do not appear in Icue, only the Aio water cooling, all are connected to the corsair hub I do not understand why this is wrong, I have try version 3 and version 4 of the software, without success. can anyone help me? P.S. Sorry for the bad english, I use google translate cause I speak french. Thank you.





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