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Getting frustrated with iCUE


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Hello ,
I'm sorry to start my first post like this but honestly I'm very frustrated with iCUE software and my K100+Nexus keyboard 
First thing that really angers me is the fact that almost 400USD hardware is not able to do a simple thing like AUDIO VIZUALIZATION out of the box like others do Razer or even hated hp OMEN Command Center/Light studio but I have to buy some "garage" software to do the visualization ?? Its not enough paying 400 USD no now pay some more for some little thingy that needs to be activated separately to do the job ..why ?
Is it so damn hard to implement it in iCUE without having any AUDIO device from Corsair??? as I don't care about Corsair audio devices I have what I have and don't want to change .
Then all this nice and shiny hardware suddenly decide to disregard my profile I created and goes for example completely RED witch is the first layer out of 5 , no way to change it but to shut down iCUE and reopen it then it load correctly . The same happens when monitor goes to sleep but not the whole PC , or when exiting a game.
The little Nexus screen is quite interesting but without further capabilities through iCUE is quite limited , why msi Afterburner cant access it ? why AIDA64 cant access it like it could on my Logitech G13 ? Why it cant show GPU/CPU frequency on msi X570 board  / RTX3090 ? but only Load and temp ,fan, why cant it show FPS from games I play  ??? why cant it show what is playing right now on media players like AIMP for example or any other ..I mean c'mon  Corsair devs..400USD that is I expected a bit more and definitely more stable software with more capabilities for that kind of money.


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