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Headset constant ticking noise when wired


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Dear Corsair,

I have had this problem before where my headset (corsair virtuoso) makes a constant clicking/electric popping noise. I have had this problem before with other headsets and I dont know how to fix it. If  listen really closely I sometimes hear it in my mic too if I record myself. The problem only occurs when my headset is in wired mode (so not when wireless). Is there a way to fix it? it drives me crazy.


Thanks in advance

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So I did some testing and came to several conclusion.

- When i touch a certain part of the pc or ground myself the clicking is less. 

- I hear it on other headsets and devices (laptops without power cable) too but less heard. same rhytm though.

- When I am on the ground floor I dont hear it (on the laptop) but on the first and second floor i do.

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