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iCue; still full of issues.


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iCue software. Why does it need 22 processes running? Seriously, Corsairlink uses 2 processes, is 55MB installed, uses 0%-0.5%CPU and does what I need.

I wanted to set custom fan curves. It doesn't let me. On a system with a H115i the fans on quiet are so loud I can hear them from downstairs. On higher settings they are even louder. How do I set custom fan curves?

iCue HEATS my system, it doesn't cool it. Even on quiet it flogs the fans and my system still runs 7c hotter, with the rad at 4.9c higher.

Why is iCue not showing all of my fans?

Why does iCue report different fan speeds to CorsairLink? (Note I do not have both packages installed at the same time). Set on quiet iCue fans speeds are substantially faster than Corsairlink.

Why does iCue say 1% load when task manager shows the iCue services consuming 3% CPU minimum, and up to 7% for all processes?

Why is one of the fans fluctuating like crazy in the rad with the other fan running stable?

How do I disable auto updates? I want to control what software is on my system. They are my PCs, not yours. I never install new versions without testing on a spare PC first. I've learned the hard way particularly with Microsoft, automatic updates are death to system stability and being able to keep all systems consistent (I have 10 PCs).

iCue doesn't show my GPU fan speeds (on either a RTX 2070S or RTX 2080 Ti systems), even though the fans are spinning (I use Afterburner)

iCue is thrashing my CPU. It never gets below 3%

I just want to set fan curves and watch CPU, GPU, PSU and HDD/SSD temps and fan speeds. Nothing more. I don't care about RGB, I don't want to monitor other components. How do I get rid of the processes I don't need? If I disable them iCue re-enables them or stops working.

iCue does not show my HDD/SSD temps. I've turned on the widget and restarted. It doesn't work.

Why is iCue so damned big? Over 1GB installed. Just to monitor fans speeds and temps.. That's insane.



HX850i PSU, H115i Pro RGB AIO, commander pro, 5 case fans, Define 7 XL case, I9-10900X CPU, 32GB DDR-3600CL16, RTX 2070S. MSI X299 XPower Gaming AC motherboard

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