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x4 LS100 RGB Strips connected to a Lighting Node Pro but only 54 LEDs are being light up properly

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Anyone here using x4 450mm LS100 RGB strips powered by a Lighting Node Pro? I read somewhere that they can power 192 LEDs but mine was only able to light up 54 LEDs and the rest started to dim out and colors turned red when the brightness is maxed up.

I believe I bought these in April and the site tells each 450mm RGB strips have 27 LEDs on it. They all light up properly the first time I set them up on a Lighting Node Pro but as time goes by, I noticed that the 3rd and 4th RGB strips became dimmer and looked red-ish if the brightness is maxed up but if I set it in the middle, the colors looked okay though it flickers over time and it wasn't the case when they were just new.

I already checked the cables and the extensions I use to power the LEDs and fortunately, I didn't find any signs of wires disintegrating. I tried to re-plug it on the other LED port of the Lighting Node Pro but it got the same issue and to note that, I don't have any other RGB peripherals plugged in on the 2nd LED port, just the RGB strips itself.

So, just wanted to check if there are anyone here who have the same setup as me. Thanks!

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