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I'm building my first pc and I'm stuck on connecting the fans.


- I have two Corsair ML Fans (no RGB) on the bottom for intake

- 2 Corsair LL Fans (RGB) on top And 1 on the left top as Outtake

- 3 Corsair LL Fans Pushing air true my NXZT Kraken Z73 on the front

- 3 NXZT Fans that came with the Kraken Z73 Pulling air true the radiator


I have 2 corsair RGB hubs for 6 fans each and 2 lighting nodes. (they came with the three packs)


Can I sync the 3 Corsair LL fans on the radiator with the 3 NXZT fans and the CPU pump. (can I make them spin at the same speeds as temps rise?)


Do I need a commander PRO?

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I think you do probably need a commander pro to hook everything up so you can configure and control your fan groups. You do have a bit of a mix going on there, the temp probes with the commander pro are a really handy addition. I have one on intake, exhaust, case middle and one in the chamber adjacent to my PSU as it's out of sight in the separate compartment in my 280x case and I want to know how warm it is while looking at the dashboard in iCue. Obviously my GPU, Mobo and other components have their own sensors which display in iCue. It's actually surprising just how much of an improvement can be made to cooling and noise by having fans that are ramped up as temps rise set so they follow a different curve which causes cool air to move differently to how it would if all the fans all follow the same curve. Either way you have a bit of head scratching to come and on the plus side you'll be chuffed when it all works.
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