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Finally opened up my corsair one to change its thermal paste

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So my GPU has gone up to 90+ Degree running at 100% in the last few days with my fans running at max speed and I figured that'd be enough.




FWIW it's a first generation Corsair One Pro (7700K 1080GTX) I bought in Sep 2017.

I just used a normal Artic MX-4 I've got for a long time. The process was straightforwards and not so difficult as I imagined.


I didn't bother doing it for the CPU though, as it rarely goes over 70 Degree or 50% load. All of my games would result in GPU bottleneck.


The result: it now run smoothly at 65 Degree max, a lot more slient now :)



Heaven 4 Bench Mark: https://i.imgur.com/YUr2fza.jpg


It takes two: https://i.imgur.com/0qdYlnM.jpg

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