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Disapointed bysupport policy, I stop buying Corsair

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Really Corsair you should get up to business ethics. You continue to introduce new software versions with the main goal to force people to buy new hardware, by just not supporting hardware you sold not so long ago.


I started with Corsair link quite long time ago and there already I had to change one of my products (controller?) when a new version of Corsair Link arrived. Than came iCue and again I had to change (this time the H100i to v2) but also my controller (which I had not for so long) was not compatible. So I had to use both software in parallel :-(


Due to some issues I recently decided to buy a new version of the controller to get rid of Corsair Link.


And now comes iCue4 and this does not support my H100iv2


I will not upgrade it because soon there will be another r product not supported anymore and so one. You are only focussed on revenue generation, not on your customers.


Saying that the end of support is due to "various reasons" (or repeat it here) does not change anything. The statement is either not true, or even if true it just would document continuous bad Hardware/Firmware and/or software design.


In the every beginning when I had to change my first device it was OK for me as I thought, ok this is a new product and they quickly did it just to see if there is a market and did some flaw in not doing future proof design. But now I only recognize a culture of planned obsolescence,


Yes, I know I could continue to use the old version. But first I had issues with it and was waiting for an update, and second its weird that companies that tell you to always use the latest versions of everything, would tell me to use the old one :-(

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I am certainly done with anything Corsair that uses iCue. Ever since an iCue update early 2020, my computer is unable to sleep/shutdown/restart properly and it constantly generates ACPI errors and warnings in the System log about some embedded controller. Also had many BSoD. The workaround is to rename the cpuid DLL files in the iCue folder, but that breaks functionality of iCue as my H115i AIO will not load into iCue, leaving it to only run with the out-of-box configuration (rainbow cycle lights). I contacted support and after going back-and-forth for probably a week, the final response was that the issue would be fixed in iCue 4. Of course it wasn't fixed so now I am left with this dysfunctional piece of hardware. I also own a Corsair case, keyboard, memory and nvme. Seems like they care very little about their reputation and customers.
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I was just ranting on how egregious their planned obsolescence is. They just stopped supporting my SCIMITAR when it functions perfectly fine. The updated version that does have support is essentially identical to the discontinued version. BLASPHEME :mad:
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