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iCUE & Commander mini


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It's been a few years since iCUE rolled out, why is there no compatibility for Corsair legacy devices?

I really don't believe that it is incompatible, but rather that Corsair decided that instead of supporting their legacy hardware, they would force customers to purchase new gear, or be stuck without access to the new software.

I picked up the commander mini and an H100i (240) in 2015, and struggled with the link software. My current PC (built Jan '21) has a i9 10850K CPU so I moved up to a H150i 360 and the only option was to get the iCUE RGB (RGB turned off).


So now I either have to try to control my case fans with the Mobo software, BIOS or install my commander mini & continue to deal with the hot mess known as link... or I could drop another $75 on a Commander Pro; um not happening.



Is iCUE not backwards compatible with things like the Commander mini because Corsair is greedy, or because they are greedy?

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I have the same problem..I got a commander mini when corsair Link was a thing.

Now i need Icue for my new k100 keyboard so i had to uninstall Corsair Link.


Now i cant controle the fans RPM...


It feels like corsair is forcing me to buy a commander pro..they should give me one for free since i just bought the expensive keyboard k 100

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