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Request for H115i platinum v1.01.15 firmware

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Hello all,


First off thanks for taking the time to read this.


The RGB control stopped working on my H115i platinum pump and after trying all the usual stuff like icue reinstall, different rgb headers, etc, I tried to do a force reinstall of the firmware in icue. After hitting the update button beside force update under the H115i tab in the icue settings it just kept loading and loading for a few hours and finally I came to the conclusion it was not working and force closed icue. Thankfully my pump still seems to be working fine but I still have the issue of the rgb not working and after doing some research I think it needs to be reflashed with the firmware. Of course I'm open to other solutions but this brings me to the title of my post as I cannot find the firmware anywhere.


Does anyone have the v1.01.15 firmware file for a H115i platinum cooler and if so would you mind sending it to me?


Much appreciated,


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