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SSD Toolbox not picking up my MP510?

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Why does SSD Toolbox not pick up my 510 SSD ?... I got it connected with ICY BOX (USB Type-C) and not my motherboard since I did not have space there.

Could that be the reason, does it have to connect via motherboard?


I´m using = Corsair 480GB Force MP510 NVMe/M.2 SSD



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Same here - nor does it respond to SSD-Z SMART. Never has - and, without any FW - doubting it ever will!


It is weird, because I remember reading a review saying how awesome the SSD Toolbox SW was and thinking - mate - you must have had some poor software in the past because mine can't see my device properly!


Anyone any ideas?


(Dell Inspiron ""gaming"" PC. i7 8700- 16GB mem and NVidia 2060 W10, 64b 20H2 and Dual boot)

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I am having a similar issue. The MP510 are working fine on my part but unable to get the Toolbox to work with them properly. The program doesn't recognize them as compatible. I am on Win10 could this be an issue. Site shows program as not compatible with Win10.
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