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How the hell do Ii pair Virtuoso RGB to new USB Receiver?


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So guys - need help.


I have my Corsair virtuoso RGB (white) headset with dead receiver. In USB mode headset works just fine. But the wireless receiver, when plugged into pc is not working - nothing at all. So I wrote to Corsair and they sent me a replacement USB receiver.


When I plug it into USB, it shows that there's a new headset (black) which is off. When I press pair, it tells me:


Switch headset into USB mode. DONE (as you see, iCue sees a white Virtuoso RGB connected in wired mode)


Plug USB into pc. Done as well. As above - it is shown it is connected.


r/Corsair - How to Pair Virtuoso RGB Wireless with new USB Receiver?

Receiver is blinking white, for last 20 minutes now, with no changes. If I press initiate on the wired - it says pairing successful.


But then, I disconnect headset from the cable, turn it off and on, and nothing - headset still blinks like it is trying to find an dongle, and dongle still shows that headset is disconnected (blinking red).




both headset and receiver in newest firmwares.


what am I missing? How to make it work????

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