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Corsair 570x iCue Compatible


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In summary, I wish I had spent a lot more time reading these forums BEFORE I started my build, so I went down a couple of dead ends that were entirely my fault.

But now I have a much better idea of how the various components hang together, and I'm happy with the end result - iCue is now controlling my motherboard lighting, H100i Platinum RGB fans, RAM lighting, front fans, and the mouse.


The main hole I fell into was with the case.


It's the 570x Crystal, and is advertised as "iCue Compatible".

I thought this meant I could control the fans it came with using iCue, but no.


What it actually means is:

"You can strip out the fans and the SP button controller that this case comes with, throw them in the bin, and there will be enough space in there to install three QL series fans with a Node Core that is what you were hoping to be there in the first place".


I freely admit that I should have done more research before buying, but I do think that "iCue Compatible" logo is a bit misleading for the unwary.


Maybe some future version of the 570x Crystal will come with three QL120 RGB fans and a Node Core, because otherwise it's a great case.


Best Regards,


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