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ICue Does not recognize Lighting node Pro


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Recently I decided to add RGB elements to my custom build and ran into an issue with the iCUE control software. I installed the LL120 dual RGB fans (w/ Lighting Node Pro) to accompany my Vengeance RGB Ram and my corsair led strips but for some reason, iCUE was only detecting my RAM and not the Node Pro.


... I can't tell you how long I tried to fix this issue myself, I tried all the steps suggested on this forum and others as well, I Tried updating firmware and now the fans only flicker once in a while. I tried clean installing both Link and ICue, in the past Link was showing that ICue is controlling node pro but it wasn't, now after clean installations it is not recognized by anyone anymore. USBDeview is recognizing Lighting node pro. I tried switching USB as well but it is not working and the led strip is not working at all.

Lighting Node PRO 1b1c 0c0b

I noticed that when i plug in the sata cable the fans light up as rainbow but then they flicker as usual. Also the fans are working, only the RGB is not working

Also windows fast startup is disabled



I hope that there is a solution for my problem as i would really like to enjoy my Corsair RGB setup along with my RGB Processor Fan, MOBO and GPU. Wish you best and hope to hear from someone soon

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