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Macro Creation Help - On Press, then Hold=Repeat, then On Release with one button?


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Hi there! Hopefully this is a question with a simple answer, but based on my cursory search on my own I unfortunately have my doubts. I'm trying to create a Macro in iCue that triggers an Action on Press, then a second Action while still held, and a third Action on Release. For example:


Mouse4 Button:

- On Press: Press and Release Z key

- While Held: Left mouse button press and release, Repeat Constant

- On Release: Press and Release Z key


The trouble is, I can't figure out how to link them together. I'm jumping over from a Logitech mouse where all of these things were in one menu if you chose to create a 'Macro sequence', but with iCue it seems much more complex. How would I do such a thing?

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