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Trouble Creating Macro to alternate 2 keystrokes with 1 key


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I thought this would be simple enough using the iCUE software but for the life of me I cannot find any combination of macro settings to achieve what I attempting.




Setting up a custom profile for a game and Im looking to have 1 key act as 2 keys on a toggle. For example, when I hit V with my thumb I want the first output to be V. When I hit V with my thumb a second time, I want the output to be F. Third time hit, output is V again.


The in-game situation is that abilities are chosen with the hotkey/keybind to be used with right click. Being able to toggle 2 abilities back and forth on 1 key is just a massive QoL thing. Or setting up 2 toggles for 4 effective keybinds on 2 keys.

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