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iCue Latest update just bricked the VOID USB


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Hey, just want to let anyone know who doesn't know this. Sent a nasty email to support already, since this is the SECOND time now i've had problems with this headset right out of the box. The Void USB...


The new iCUE update that was pushed, forces the MIC to be turned off. The side button, and the only mic control button which controlled the mute, no longer does so anymore, it controls mic feedback. So there's no way to turn the mic back on, unless anyone here has access or knows where I can find the older drivers to revert back?


Why would they push this update?


EDIT: To anyone else experiencing the same issue,

https://downloads.corsair.com/Files/CUE/iCUESetup_3.30.89_release.msi The older driver it worked on.

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issue is that I have found is the audiodg crashes and even stuff like network card can hang up.


What you need to do is to restart the service "windows audio" and if needed (if the service waits for shutting it down) is to terminate the audiodg.exe


Or just perhaps use an older icue :)

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