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Lack of development/planning for common issues on new software version releases


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I'll make this super short and sweet.


Corsair breaks things in iCue every single release.


The latest (that I'm impacted by) is this "unpressing held buttons" bug:







Every single time I come to these forms, someone is quick to remind anyone who potentially needs to roll back their software version that profiles will not work if they made any changes to their profiles on the new version.



It's been like this for a long time now.



A few things:


- The update process should be backing up profiles for users, this should not be a manually initiated end user process, especially since things breaking and profile incompatibility is a known situation by Corsair.


- Updates shouldn't even be invalidating profiles - y'all aint doing anything special to the app each time that actually makes profiles incompatible, you're just stamping profile files with a version number and telling the app to not work with anything past [currentinstall] stamps.


- If you're gonna insist on that, you should have a way to bypass it within the app.

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